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Your Personal A.I. Powered Running Coach


Running is believed to be the killer workout since it benefits most major muscles of your body, and improves your mental wellbeing as a result. However, with the wrong technique you might end up doing more harm than good to your body.

1Coach is a lightweight wearable that mounts at the top of your calves to precisely capture the movements of your body while running. Along with a dedicated app, it offers a long-term corrective solution for your running.

Audio Coaching

Instant voice feedback on your running form

Assess & Train

Assess body condition and make personalized recommendations 

Customized Report

Get a report and tailored recommendations on your exercises

Scientific Metrics

Based on data from 70 million runners in 35 years

4 Colors Available

Choose your favorite color and show your personality

IP67 Water Resistant

Not just sweat, other water too

Your Personal A.I. Powered Running Coach

1Coach is world’s 1st all-around progressive solution that analyzes, coaches and improves your running performance, consequently mitigating injury risks.

1Coach employs the most advanced kinesiological algorithm to process data from a 9-axis inertial sensor and assesses human joint form.It evaluates these results and integrates professional instructions to inform the user of the correct run form and presents all recommendations in a 3D physical model to intuitively instruct the user.

1. Clip it on

Clip your 1COACH sensor onto one thumb-width below the tibial tuberosity.

2. Go for a run!

It’s easy! Go for a run, with your phone, and get feedback on your form.

3.Report & Recommendations

Get a full analysis of your running form & recommended trainings personalized to you.

Scientific Metrics from Experts

In addition to our own experience in medical rehabilitation, our assessment and training system is based on data from our strategic partner, Runner’s Lab.

We are a team of computer engineers and biomechanics engineers who love sports. Over the years our team accumulated solid R&D experiences in building high-tech biomedical instruments and consumer products. 

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